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Valkenheim in Winter - Cross solders

Valkenheim in Winter is the fourth chapter in the Knight Story Campaign . In this mission, players control the story character Holden Cross, the leader of the Blackstone vanguard. He is played in this mission as a Lawbringer. Accompanied by the Warden and several soldiers, Cross heads toward Valkenheim. There are 10 Observables and 3 Breakables to be found. 

Initial Cutscene Edit

The initial cutscene is of Holden Cross as he marches into frame with his army of Blackstone soldiers.  

He then speaks: "I am Holden Cross. As commander of the Blackstone vanguard, it fell to me to lead the way. "

Gameplay Edit

Players will start down a path where they are quickly met with opposition. He, the Warden and his soldiers will be fired on by archers and attacked by soldiers. Burning arrows will be coming in from both sides of the path, both from a small hill and from the top of a nearby bridge. Dispatch them to stop the crossfire. Soldiers will always attack opposing soldiers and they are centrally located at this point. Look for enemy AI players off to the sides to eliminate first.

You can fight on the bridge but knocking AI players off will not kill them, only slow them down briefly. The Warden will follow Cross and holler commands at the soldiers. As the player approaches Valkenheim, far away catapults will begin firing fireballs, destroying nearby structures. The mission objective will update and the player will be directed to kill the Catapult Crews. The nearest one is across a bridge, through a small fort and then a lake partially covered in ice. After Cross crosses the bridge, a fireball destroys it, cutting off anyone attempting to follow. The player will need to continue on alone. Cross mentions that crossing the ice isn't one of his smartest ideas but had to be done.

A battle will take place on the ice. Pushing the AI player into the ice will result in their death..unless the player goes in first. After crossing the ice, go immediately left, then up the path on a hill. Kill anything at the top. The Warlord will put up a pretty good fight. Players will need to disable the catapult. It is a Breakable, so it will have an icon near it that the player can interact with. To get to the second catapult, head down a nearby ramp and another patch of ice. Before getting all the way across, players will be met with another AI battle, then it's up the hill to the second catapult.

Players are met with a Raider named Thornfinn. Upon setting eyes on the Raider, Cross exclaims "I'll give this to the vikings - they are big." After a brief struggle, Cross is knocked off the hill and back onto the ice. Thornfinn jumps down and the fight continues. Water from the lake sprays up between the cracks in the ice. Shortly after, the ice starts to break apart. If the player falls in, they will die.

After finishing the fight with Thornfinn, Cross remarks that he has to regroup with the rest of his men in the vanguard. The soldiers have found another way to the checkpoint and are heading for the Viking fortress. Cross joins them here but there is a moat of sorts surrounding the fortress, and as the bridge to the fortress' main-gate is still raised, there is no direct way in. The Blackstone soldiers have managed to set up balista-like devices, that are capable of launching out hanging bridges used to cross over the moat, and so Cross deploys a temporary bridge, from which he can lead the charge into the fortress. Both enemy and allied soldiers will start fighting on the bridge when deployed and can be difficult to get around without pushing them off to their deaths. Deploy what is needed and quickly get across. Once in the fortress, the player will find themselves in a duel with another Warlord, which they will have to defeat to gain acess to the inner walls of the fortress - upon doing so, head down the stairs and look for the bridge controls. After fighting to the controls, lower the bridge so the rest of the army can get inside.

Outro Cutscene Edit

Upon lowering the bridge, the missions ends with a cutscene. Unable to leave anyone behind to guard prisoners, Cross begins executions. While doing so, Apollyon shows up. A Conqueror struggles with a particularly tough Raider, later revealed to be Ragnar, as attempts to force him to kneel before the make-shift executioner's block. When the Blackstone soldiers atlast manage to pin down the viking, just before Cross chops his off, Apollyon stays the execution. After a brief conversation with Cross, in which Apollyon is informed that Ragnar has killed atleast forty good Blackstone men, she has the Viking taken away instead of killed. She believes that his ferociousness should be rewarded. Cross ends the cutscene with an inner monologue, regarding Apollyon's methods of selection seemingly not being limited to Knights.




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