Vkex (3) Vkex (4) VladTheImpaler
Get The Horns
Aim For The Head
Vlad The Impaler
Vkex (1) Vkex (2)
Plant Your Flag
Trick Shot

Emotes Edit

Passive Stance Edit

Vkemote (5) Vkemote (4) Vkemote (3)
Feels Good, Man
Make Some Noise!
Snap Out of It
Vkemote (2) Vkp Vkemote (1)
This Blows
Nothing to See
Skyward Spear

Fighting Stance Edit

Vkemote (10) Vkf1 Vkemote (8)
Not Bad At All
Spear Twirl
You Like This?
Vkemote (7) Vkf2 Vkemote (6)
Let's Go

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