Hero SpecificEdit

  • Renown - Renown is balanced across activities.
  • Revenge Mode - Boosts Damage and Health. All Attacks are Uninterruptible. Parry and Throws knock enemies down. Attacks are Auto-Parried on activation.
  • Superior Block Light Attacks - Light Attacks have Superior Block property during the Startup. Use it to counterattacks.
  • Dodge Counter - Your Guard automatically matches the direction of your Dodge, Pouncing Thrust and Hunter's Strike.
  • Full Block Stance on Shield Tackle - Hold Shield Tackle to gain Full Block Stance. It keeps full block property during the charge as well.
  • Shield Tackle Cancel - Press RB (XB1), LMB (PC) to Cancel Shield Tackle with a Pouncing Thrust. Press X (XB1), MMB (PC) to Cancel Shield Tackle with a Guardbreak.
  • Spear Sweep Finisher - Use Spear Sweep instead of your normal Chain Finisher to surprise your enemy.
  • Zone Attack - Cancel Zone Attack after the first Attack with B (XB1).


(From Guard Mode)

Icon Legend

Type Name PC XB1 PS4
Chain Attack icon Boar Hunter LMB♦, LMB, LMB RB♦, RB, RB R1♦, R1, R1
Chain Attack icon Thrust and Slash LMB, LMB, RMB RB, RB, RT R1, R1, R2
Chain Attack icon Harrier's Fury RMB, LMB, LMB RT, RB, RB R2, R1, R1
Hunter's Rush (not in Guard Mode) ↑ + RMB LS↓ + RT LS↓ + R2
Pouncing Thrust W + Space, LMB LS↑ + A, RB LS↑ + X, R1
Hunter's Strike A or D + Space, LMB LS← or LS→ + A, RB LS← or LS→ + X, R1
Push Back iconUnblockable icon Shield Crush RMB, MMB RT, X R2, ⬜
Unblockable iconFull Block Stance iconStun iconKnocked Down icon Shield Tackle S + Space, hold MMB LS↓ + A, Hold X LS↓ + X, Hold ⬜
Bleed icon Shoulder Pin

Deflect♦, RMB

?, RT ?, R2
Push Back iconUnblockable icon Ram's Headbutt MMB♦, hold MMB X ♦, X (Hold) ⬜ ♦, ⬜ (Hold)
Unblockable iconKnocked Down icon Spear Sweep MMB♦, MMB,


X ♦, X, LS↓ + RT ⬜ ♦, ⬜, LS↓ + R2
Unblockable iconKnocked Down icon Shield Crush to Spear Sweep RMB, MMB♦,


RT, X ♦, LS↓ + RT R2, ⬜ ♦, LS↓ + R2

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