Viking Diplomacy
General info
Faction Vikings
Chapter 2.2
Character The Raider
Observables 6
Breakables 5
"The Warborn grew. Soon....much sooner than I had anticipated, only two Warlords remained in Valkenheim. The Raider and a vicious killer named Siv. With many of the Warborn leaders held hostage, conflict was inevitable."
Viking Diplomacy is the second mission in the Viking Story Campaign. The Warborn have taken over Ragnar's clan. One year has passed since Apollyon nearly wiped the Vikings out. Nevertheless, the clans still struggle to survive. A Berserker named Siv the Ruthless has taken several Warborn as prisoners and The Raider seeks to free them and kill her. There are six Observables and 5 Breakables to be found in this mission. 

Events Of Edit

The first mission objective is to free the Viking prisoners. Move up the path and start clearing out the outpost defenders. They have access to Fire Flasks and will use them, setting The Raider on fire if s/he doesn't move. Run up the stairs of the nearby tower for a second confrontation and to free the first prisoner. Open the door of the cage using an interaction control. To leave the tower, interact with a chain attached to the roof, accessible through a window. The Raider will use an axe to slide down the chain to the ground. Continue looking for more prisoners. Not all cages are inside buildings. After the second prisoner is released, Siv will start bellowing for The Raider.

Hearing the yelling, the Warborn clan decides 'that must be the signal', and moves in. Some of the Warborn leaders join The Raider and the objective changes to 'Push Back the enemies'. This is a centralized fight involving several AI opponents as well as groups of minions on both sides. After the majority have been eliminated, the Raider will face Siv.

Defeat Siv and the remaining clan members will join The Raider's cause, uniting the clan. Stigandr is freed, as well as any remaining prisoners. The Raider comments that it is now time to take back their birthright (land).

Transcript Edit

Camera pans down to the Warborn marching on Siv's fortress. Runa notices a head on a stake.

Runa: Siv's work.

Helvar: That's just barbaric.

Runa: I've seen you take scalps.

Helvar: ...It's different!

The Raider motions for everyone to halt. He looks at the guards ahead, and signals for the Warborn to wait as he walks off.

Helvar: We'll just...wait for your signal, then?!

Mission Objective: FREE the Viking prisoners: The Raider makes his way to the outposts, killing the guards there. After freeing two Vikings, the camera cuts to Siv's fortress, where Siv herself looks out for the Raider.

The Raider: (voice over) Siv...


The Raider: (voice over) We had a history.

Siv: I know it's you!

Cut to the Warborn, who get ready for battle.

Helvar: I guess that was the signal!

Mission Objective: REACH Runa and Helvar: The Raider meets up with Runa and Helvar, and they, along with the Viking soldiers, charge on Siv's fortress.

Mission Objective: PUSH BACK the enemies: The Warborn fight off wave after wave of Siv's troops until they reach her fortress. Cut to Siv, who drives her axes into a soldier's shoulders.

Siv: Raider!

She kills the soldier and looks around.


The other soldiers gather around her, but this only increases her frustration.

Siv: (longer and more drawn out) RAIDER!

The Raider makes his way among the soldiers and the two prepare to duel.

Siv: (smirking) What are YOU doing among the Warborn?

The Raider: You talk too much...

Mission Objective: DEFEAT Siv the Ruthless: The Raider fights and kills Siv.

The Raider: (voice over) The old ways of blood stir our people...we were united once more. It was time to free the rest of the Warborn. Stigandr...

Among the prisoners who step out, one is a Warlord named Stigandr.

Stigandr: What took ya so long?

Helvar: Finding Vikings you hadn't pissed off? (laughs and gives Stigandr a handshake. Stigandr walks up to the Raider.)

Stigandr: My thanks, warrior.

The Raider: Don't disappoint me, Jarl.

Stigandr: (starts laughing) Oh, I like you.

He shakes the Raider's hand and grabs his sword.

The Raider: (voice over) Now, it was time to take back our birthright.

Observables Edit

"The Vikings worship gods of wood, of storms and of stone. The Samurai gods are of fire, wind and of thought, the gods of the Knights are iron, steel and gold. But power? That we agree on."

"The Bearclaw clan crushed all resistance. They forced the other clans to serve them. Their warlord, Siv, was ruthless in her pursuit of power. I liked her."

"Through example we Knights accidentally taught the Vikings the art of siege warfare. I like to think that, in turn, they taught us how to live free."

"The more glory a Viking earns, the greater their legend when they are gone. But unlike us, their gods require them to share that glory with the weakest among them."

"We build new structures on top of the sanctuaries of our ancestors. But they never match the glory of our past. They were great. We have much to learn from them."

"A millenium ago Valkenheim was the site of a vast, Nordic empire. The earth swallowed them, whole. Now, in places, the rains slowly reveal that past. What else lurks beneath the soil, I wonder?"




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