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"I am Apollyon, Warlord of the Blackstone Legion. In that year, I sent one of my commanders, Holden Cross, to punish a betrayer. There was a Warden there, in the way. There are many Wardens. This one would prove unique."

Warlords and Cowards
Lords and cowards for honor
A meeting of fates..
Some attributes
First Knights
Second 1.1
Third Warden
Other attributes
Fourth 10
Fifth 4
Warlords and Cowards is the first story of the Knights chapter of the campaign. It also serves as the narrative tutorial on the concepts of the Art of Battle.  

Events Of Edit

A Knight called Hervis Daubeny has offended the Blackstone Legion, the more militant of many Legions of knights occupying the land of Ashfeld. As a consequence, he, his soldiers and his castle have come under attack. The player character is introduced as a Warden, a member of an ancient order dedicated to serving the good of humanity, now currently brought to Daubeny's service as a mercenary. The opposition is lead by the second-in-command of the Blackstone Legion, a Lawbringer by the name of Holden Cross

The player's first command is to defend the East Wall, cutting down many Blackstone captains. They battle their way down to where a handful of Blackstone soldiers are attempting to take the courtyard. Felling the threat, the Warden is ambushed by a line of archers from above, and then fights their way up along the opposite wall to reach a down catapult blocking their path to the archers. Thinking quickly, they disabled the catapult, sending the archers tumbling from the rampart. Intrigued, Cross signals to his men to bring in a massive ram-headed battering ram, managing to blow open a hole away from the gate into the yard, sending a battalion of captains and soldiers in, only for the Warden to successfully hold them off. Soon, however, the main gate is finally destroyed and Holden Cross enters, cutting down a few poor men before demanding that Daubeny step forward. When he sends his men to stand back, Cross challenges him to trial by combat, although Daubeny refuses, labeling a fight with Cross as "not a trial", rather an "execution." Holden deigns instead to send forth his second, a Blackstone-affiliated Warden named Ademar, while Daubeny conscripts the Warden as his second. The two warriors duel, resulting in the Warden executing his counterpart. Cross shows a look of interest on his face before approaching Daubeny, and commenting that the Legion would look very bad for letting a "common mercenary" defeat one of their own. He then takes his former second's sword, and knights the Warden in his place, tossing their old sword at Daubeny's feet as a show of force before departing with his new comrade, the Warden following with a brief moment of reluctance. 

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