Wood, Iron and Steel
General info
Faction Vikings
Chapter 2.3
Character Stigandr
Observables 5
Breakables 5
"The Vikings united, and so quickly. Now they turn their attention to us. I left some of my Blackstones in control of their shipyards at Valkenheim. Stigandr, their new jarl, set out to take them from us."
Wood, Iron, and Steel is the third mission in the Viking Story Campaign. In this mission, the Vikings have now united under one banner. That of the Warborn. Stigandr, a Warlord who had been captured by Siv the Ruthless , was set free by The Raider . Stigandr has become jarl, and leads the Vikings in an attempt to take back a shipyard in Valkenheim, stolen and guarded by the Blackstone Legion. There are five Observables and five Breakables to be found. 

Events Of Edit

Stigandr is alone on a downhill path leading to the shipyard. As the player makes their way down the hill, they will be met with opposition. After defeating the enemy, enter the shipyard. The player will need to fight several groups of enemies before reaching the gate controls. Watch for Fire Flask Pick-ups, Observables, and Breakables in the area. The path will lead inside a sawmill type building where the player will go up against a Conqueror. The large sawmill blade is turning and should be considered a hazard.

Leave through a side door and engage another group of enemies. The player will want to use the Warlord's multi-side guard stance to mitigate damage. Continue to fight your way through the Knight forces until the gate control is reached. The player will probably notice an interactive ballista but it is not needed until after the gate is open.

Once the gate is open, the Viking clan warriors will enter the compound and Stigandr will comment about needing to get to the ballista. Once the player has reached it, use it to take out any (and every) marked enemy. Ignore any that are not marked. This is a timed event so use the time wisely. Extra time spent having to reload can cause the mission to fail.

The final objective is to kill the commanding Knight Warden, Julius Salavander. Apparently, he can't swim, so knocking him into the water is probably the quickest way to be rid of him.

Transcript Edit

Stigandr: (voice over) We would need ships, and I had been out of action for long enough.

Stigandr slides down the mountain and begins his mission.

Mission Objective: REACH the side entrance: (Stigandr kills off the Blackstone guards and enters the dockyard. Julius Salavander notices Stigandr and points at him. An archer fires an alarm arrow.)

Mission Objective: OPEN the gate: (Stigandr fights and kills numerous Blackstone Knights and soldiers in the dockyard until he reaches the gate and opens it, allowing his Warborn brethren to join him in battle.)

Mission Objective: MAN the Ballista/KILL targets with the Ballista: (Stigandr shoots down 20 soldiers with the ballista under 1 minute and 30 seconds.)

Stigandr and Helvar rush to confront Julius and his men. Julius thrusts his sword into the air.


Stigandr and Helvar prepare for battle.

Stigandr: (voice over) Odin's beard...

Mission Objective: DEFEAT Julius Salavander: (Stigandr fights off Julius's troops before confronting Julius himself. He then duels and kills Julius.)

The Vikings inspect the crates.

Stigandr: (voice over) Those Blackstones had quite a haul.

Helvar walks up to Stigandr.

Stigandr: Where did those come from?

Helvar takes out a Kensei helmet.

Helvar: Samurai ships, washing up all summer long... Fulla this junk. (hands the helmet to Stigandr, who then holds it up.)

Stigandr: The Samurai!

Helvar: They're weak. We outnumber them ten to one!

Stigandr: And they've had a good year! (tosses the helmet back to Helvar.) We're gonna need a fleet.

The Warborn began to cheer.

Stigandr: (voice over) It was time for a raid.

Observables Edit

Dragon Prow: "The Vikings like to tell stories about why they decorate their ships with monsters. But, the simpliest explanation is the best one: they do it to frighten their enemies."

Broken Down Yards: "The Vikings have built up their settlements and shipyards over decades. Centuries. It took a little more than a year for it all to fall in to disrepar."

Saw Mill: "Once the Blackstones were pushed out of Valkenheim, the Vikings would put their shipmills and their lumber mills back to work. And then, they would need a target."

Runes Around the Tower: "The runes of the Vikings and our own letters must have a common ancestor. The difference is that ours may drawn with a quill, where as theirs only require a chisel."

Three Shields: "Viking clans do not truly 'join' one another. Alliances are common, but just as commonly broken. The Warborn clans is just a way of saying 'all the clans who cannot beat the warborn in combat'."